BMC SmartRoom Review

SmartRoom solution is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses that seek to optimize internal business processes as quickly as possible, accelerate company growth and business profitability in the future. Here is more about it.

BMC SmartRoom for business needs

Cloudiness and mobility are some of the main demands of modern business, which BMC SmartRoom fully complies with. Using this system, it is possible in a single corporate “cloud” to monitor and analyze the activities of an enterprise, to manage production, finances, personnel, mutual settlements with clients, and other activities. The solution is promptly updated to meet the requirements of the legislation, supports the submission of reports in electronic form, data exchange with banks, cloud state information systems.

Taking care of the business automation process, the manager, one way or another, comes to the implementation of this product. What is the basic principle of its operation? SmartRoom Data Room works according to the same scheme. It is based on the principle of creating a data warehouse that is uniform for the entire corporation, containing all the company’s business information and providing simultaneous access to any number of company employees. Changes are made through special functionality.

Business automation at this level provides a company with a unique opportunity to address the highest challenges. The program enables some employees to receive constantly updated information on the customer base, while others – to view and analyze all interactions with customers.

SmartRoom system provides growing companies with competitive advantages:

  • the software provides interactive access for all employees to the up-to-date information stored in the system, allowing quick and effective decisions. Employees work in a unified system, regardless of their location;
  • Data Room management is a powerful single solution that is fast to implement, easy to use, and flexible enough to support and automate your business;
  • the cost of using the software is relatively low compared to conventional systems;
  • Data Room management enables you to work more efficiently with partners, customers, and suppliers;
  • the system monitors transactions with outstanding tasks, automatically distributes new tasks among employees.

SmartRoom technology and services

The program monitors each stage of interaction with the customer, making it possible to predict further steps and increase the likelihood of concluding a profitable deal and getting good feedback from the buyer. The data obtained from the collection of statistics from previous contracts simplify this process.

For each customer, SmartRoom Data Room creates a personal card containing all information about the customer, the history of work with him, the agreements concluded. You can leave special comments and explanations on the card. If the manager leading the deal is replaced by his colleague, he will be able to quickly understand the situation and prove himself to be a competent specialist, which will further increase the client’s loyalty.

In the program, you can set clear deadlines, when approaching to which the employee is notified. If the task set in advance is overdue, the information is immediately sent to the head of the department or direction. Planning is possible at any stage of interaction, which allows you to build optimal work for employees of different departments.

Based on the data on transactions and the success of each employee in the program, it is possible to analyze the work of specialists in each direction. Based on this data, the head of the company will identify weaknesses in the sales funnel and employees with low efficiency. Based on the results of the analytics, the boss will be able to adjust the further strategy of action.