How To Get 5 Star Ratings on Fiverr


Get 5 Star Ratings

Getting 5-star ratings is essential to keep you as a top-rated seller on Fiverr you will get a lot more features when you receive the status of the top-rated seller on Fiverr in the chances to get picked up by 5 or to be the featured gig will be higher as well this is why it’s important to maintain your reputation and get at least 4-star ratings from each fire that you served as a seller you would not want to miss out on this module on how to get and maintain 5-star ratings on Fiverr without further ado let’s get to it.

Let’s start with the Fiverrs level where all the basics are covered it is important for you to know what the readings that you need to fulfill in order to move a level up you are automatically categorized in the group of new sellers when you get started on Fiverr. Fiver will lend you a hand when you get started in this level if you want to move up a level you will need to maintain a 4-star rating above if you manage to do so congratulations you will then be upgraded to a level one seller.

As a level one seller you will obviously need to work harder in order to get into the pro league in this level you will need to maintain at least 4.5-star ratings or above in order to move a level up when in the pro league level you will need to fill 4.7 to 5-star ratings in order to receive the status of a top-rated seller it is not an easy process if you do not know the correct way of getting 5-star ratings I’ll show you how to do this in this video ready for something exciting.

There are a few methods to maintain 5-star ratings if you know the game well enough you will definitely get the points that I’m going to say you will not be rated before you complete any delivery so the first order is the most vital job that we’ll decide the starting rate of your profile.

First of all, you must deliver a good quality of work don’t sell something that you aren’t satisfied with it can be pretty tricky to keep a 5-star rating as a seller on Fiverr in delivering good quality work is a must also don’t be afraid to over-deliver run your Fiverr gig as if you are running a real business be courteous and remember that they are your customers, not some random people who are merely buying something from you last but not least build up a relationship with your customers as mentioned run your Fiverr gig as if you are running a real business customer service is a vital task and also a great lesson to learn if you can maintain a good relationship with your customers getting 5-star feedback from them is not as hard as you think let’s get into each section now.

To be able to deliver good quality work it is not your decision on the standard of good quality work it is always about your customers the key concept here is not how you feel about the work it’s about how they feel about the work always contact your customer earlier to deliver them the sample work this will give you extra time to revise the work and do whatever is requested from them.

Most importantly do not treat this as freelance work when you start to treat this as just freelance work worth just $5 you will not be able to deliver good quality work I always think of this as an opportunity to improve your work if you manage to keep this up you can keep them as your long term customers. Will always come back to you for your service because they have had a good experience dealing with you. Don’t deliver if you are not satisfied with it this is the key to delivering good quality work set your standards to be slightly higher so that if you are satisfied with the end result of your work your client is definitely going to love it even more.

Over delivering is the easiest way to make a buyer happy if you’ve promised a 300-word article right 350 words don’t hesitate to over-deliver your work in fact you must deliver work that is worth more than what they’ve paid for this is a great way to keep them as your long term customers as well. In the industry of service you can never run away from difficult customers everyone is bound to come across at least one impossible customer every once in a while sometimes dealing with difficult customers can burn away our patients but let me tell you this over-delivering is the best way to make them happy. You must understand that building up a relationship with them is the only long-term solution to get them to come back to your service.

The only way to build up a relationship with your potential customer is through conversation with them so your profile picture plays a great role to cement your first impression. When you finally have the chance to start a conversation with them ignores them by their name always remember to name them first before you move on to your content. I will always recognize your efforts in remembering them by name even though it’s just a small part of the conversation but it certainly creates a huge impact.

Moving on to your content B. Y. as in the choice of words this is especially important when you’re dealing with difficult customers. Even though you might be getting impatient you must keep your mind common you’re dealing with them last be responsive even though you may be running this is freelance you must always check your mailbox you must be responsive not only in terms of time but also in terms of their requests always ask if you do not understand the request this will solve the problem on any last-minute changes.

How To Get 5 Star Ratings on Fiverr

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