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There are over 3000000 gigs competing for attention on Fiverr so it is not easy to stand out on the results page the only way to get more exposure on Fiverr is to get featured on its homepage like I said it’s not easy to get your gig landing on the home page.

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because there are way too many competitors on Fiverr all around the world in this Tutorial. I’m gonna tell you how to get your gig page to the home page by this you can double the traffic to your gig page. just by increasing the traffic chances to start a conversation will be higher.

Getting featured by Fiverr is indeed exciting for the sellers but Fiverr never publishes an article on how to get picked by them most of the sellers who get picked may be wondering how they managed to get there as well. Sellers are unable to buy their way through to the featured page the reason to be featured by 5 a remains unknown but I believe there are formulas in criterion to be decided as to who gets on the home page and who gets a featured listing.

When your kid gets picked to be featured your kids will be highlighted throughout fiver. This would be a great chance to gain exposure and you’ll get more traffic to your gig page so without delay let’s move on to the criterion that you will need to fulfill.

First and foremost you can try offering unique kicks just like I said before there are over 3000000 gigs listed on Fiverr. Fiverr needs to showcase services that people can find on their site so if you are offering the same services as everyone else why should they pick your service make your offer the unique one to be picked by the editor because the Fiverr homepage emphasizes the importance of the first impression.

Providing unique services with only $5 is their trademark to get picked to be on the home page you will need to offer something different it also needs to appeal to a mass segment of visitors. Fiverr will pick unique offers to show their visitors what they have if you were offering a one-of-a-kind gig that no one else has yet to offer chances to get picked or higher.

The next factor will be on the value of your gig Fiverr picks services that have high value in return you may be wondering how can there be high value in return if all services are worth only $5.

This means that a high-value gig should be marketed to be worth more than just $5 give an impression that your service is worth more than $5 and yet you are offering it for just $5 offer something that people will be surprised to get for that amount this is the ultimate purpose of offering high value kicks when people know that the return on investment is going to be higher your gig will become the next high converting offer this would be a guaranteed ticket to turn your offering to an irresistible deal.

Getting high converting gigs to be featured on the home page is going to be one of the factors that fiver takes into account. Fiverr keeps track of the conversion rate of each gig on their site.
Not only on the traffic to your gig page but also the visitors who end up actually buying your service it can be concluded that the higher your volume of sales the higher chance your cake will be featured. 5 it does not simply pick random gigs to be shown on the first page they want to showcase those with high-quality service to the visitors this is obviously one of the main factors that fiber would hold on to because they won’t make money until someone buys something.

So the first page and the featured list can be said to be their source of income there is a higher possibility that people will buy from the featured gigs on the first page. This would be a similar factor to the conversion rate factor a higher average order value makes your gig more likely to land on the home page like I said fiber doesn’t make any money until someone buys something this is how they earn their portion by sharing the revenue with their sellers.

They are highly dependent on the gig multiples and gig extras to increase the average of your order value. When your average order hits at least $10 for each gig you are more likely to be chosen remember that fiber always shares a fixed percentage of revenue with the sellers the more you earn the more they will get as well so the home page is a place to boost their earnings in conclusion your average order value for each gig has to be high.

Last but not least getting excellent feedback and reviews from customers and achieving high star ratings is one of the factors this is the final criteria that fiver takes into account the star ratings of your profile you will probably need to hit positive reviews close to 100 percent in order to be featured having a high percentage of positive feedback is the key.

When the percentage of positive feedback from your customers is high it contributes to your star ratings when your star rating is high your converting rate will increase as well as the average order value the factors are all related to each other and this is how fiber will evaluate your profile there are definitely other factors that fiber will take into account however these are the 5 main factors that contribute the most into it if you want to get picked and featured on the homepage of fiver work on these factors first.

How To Be Featured By Fiverr Marketing

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